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Reviews | PRISM+

Based on 531 reviews
The perfect choice all round

Sleek, Minimal, Competitively priced. Easily the best of its class at this price point. Have done thorough research and nothing comes close in overall value for money and performance. One area of improvement would be the buttons, which I find to be somewhat hard to press. But apart from that one minor gripe, an insane value for a sexy 144hz panel. Glad to see such awesome products from a local company.

Great and affordable Monitor

Fast delivery and recieved in good packaging.
Great product and comparable to more established brands.
Was impressed with the quality. Would highly recommend to friends and family if they maintained the affordablilty and standards.

Great Value

Good monitor, no problems, does as stated.

It's a really good monitor for both console and PC gaming, definitely recommend it!

W340+W270v2+Arc Stealth Arm

Prism+ Hey check out my setup x340 and w270 v2 with one arc arm supporting. Cool eh? Look at the landscape estate - simply magnificently gorgeous!

Highly Recommended Value for Money Monitor

Really can't get these specs anywhere else in Singapore! Plus supporting a local company is a great thing 👍🏻 Even considering getting a second monitor once I get some monitor arms for a sick dual setup *o*

The perfect screen for home, work & play!

Where can you get both a 32" monitor & a desktop computer for just $1K? I was completely swayed from getting the Mac Mini to this absolutely gorgeous combination. Need I say more...? Next in line will be ARC Stealth + Omnidesk!

A Great Review

The Prism+ X315 Pro is a work of art.
The screen is really bright and vibrant. The bezels are so thin! What else can you ask for in a monitor

Daily Driver for Production Work!

I was previously using 2 monitor and it was not a seamless experience because I will always lose track of where my mouse is and also timeline for my program can only be used on one side of the monitor. Further more, because of this break in experience, there is a tendency to just utilize on one of the monitor. After switching over to this Ultra Wide Monitor, i can finally pull my whole timeline for Premiere pro and After Effects to maximum!

Thank you Prism+!

Love it, best 144hz monitor 💕

Where can u find 144hz 32' with 1440p at this price. Super highly recommend

Eye Pleasing and Cost Effective Monitor

I was looking for a monitor to bump up the tiny screen of my laptop and chanced upon this when I was browsing the IT Fair brochures. After reading the reviews of the first W270, I decided to give this local brand a bet.

The self collection process was smooth and the staff was very helpful in addressing my constant bugging on when the stocks would arrive. Carried it home via MRT (wasn't heavy) and the assembly process was very straight forward.

First impressions were very good and I love it after a week of usage:
i) Colours are good. When compared side by side with an iPhone's screen, the colours are pretty similar (I like to use the GoPro Hero 4 launch video for colours)
ii) The height of the monitor is just nice. When put on a work table, the top bezel of the monitor is at my eye level
ii) The monitors have speakers, not the best but it came as a surprise to me
iv) Bezels sorta disappear after a while, probably the screen is huge so you forget about the bezel

Highly recommended.

Awesome monitor!

I have been eyeing on this monitor for quiet a while. Finally bought it! I was stunned at the size and clarity of the monitor considering i have been using a 22 inch monitor and 60hz refresh rate for years. This absolutely blew me away.

Zero dead pixel. 4ms Response time. 31.5 Inch Screen Size. 144 Hz refresh rate. Can't get anymore awesome than this!

Would definitely recommend this to anyone!

Thanks prism for this great monitor!

Great Alternative curved monitor for a 34" PRISM X340

Great 34" monitor for my new setup. Great refresh rate and vivid display colors love it!

Value for money gaming monitor

An awesome 144 Hz monitor with 31.5 inch performs well for both gaming as well as daily usage. It provides a responsive feel during game play and with the combination of the 31.5 inch screen, my whole gaming experience has been enhanced to another level.
If you want a value for money big screen monitor with 144hz, you can consider this!!
Any not forgetting the Prism Team. They have been supportive and able to advise on the bracket installation as well as custom ICC profile which can be found on their website for download.

**customer service is very friendly and responsive.👍👍👍**

An Awsome and Affordable Gaming Monitor!

Changing from a 60hz to a 144hz screen, this gaming monitor has simply changed my life! Gaming on this monitor is extremely clear and smooth. From its price point, this monitor is very budget-friendly for its great performance. Delivery is also extremely quick! This monitor is simply a beast! No regrets buying this!

Best 34 inch ultra wide

Upgrade this from a 27inch monitor is mind blowing. The 100mhz refresh rate is amazing got FPS gaming.


Great screen! Hooked it up with my ps 4, the display is great. Thank you PRISM+ :)

Gorgeous looking curve monitor with the speed.

Definitely one of the best upgrade that I have for my laptop. Connection via the HDMI port works as expected; crisp display with sufficient loud sound from the internal speakers. Setup was very easy with a few screws for the mnitor stand. Worth the puchase during Lazada sale.

Good budget monitor

Worth for every cents that I have spent, good job PRISM+

Insane value, great monitor and blazing fast customer support.

I could not be any happier with my purchase. Delivery speed under 24 hours from order placed time, and at a fantastic price.

Stand quality is decent, easy to install and pretty sturdy.

Being a VA panel, expected a huge dip in image quality from my LG PLS monitor, indeed it was. However, after emailing the Prism team for the custom ICC profile, which they responded with the files and instructions to me in less than 20mins (A+ customer support), the monitor looked much better and definitely compareable with an IPS/PLS monitor. Yes, you do get poorer viewing angles with a VA panel too, but you get darker blacks, and a better available range of 120/144hz monitors.

My panel came with ZERO dead/bright/stuck pixels and had absolutely no overly visible BLB. Some may call this Panel Lottery, but from what i read through the forums and my two other friends who purchased this same set, i'm sure they have some magic going on in QC and I applaud Prism for it!

TLDR; Best monitor at this specs, good QC, insane value!

Also to those doubting a 31.5inch sized monitor - it is definitely not too big and if you can get used from 24" to 27" upgrade, IMO a 27" to 31.5" upgrade felt completely natural in just under an hour.

ARC 01
Thumbs up!

Good quality, decent price. Heavily recommended! Don't look elsewhere.

Superb PRISM+ F270!

Gaming and working experience never been better until I started using PRISM+ monitors. The sleek, elegant and modern design simply sweet and simple, perfect fit for modern home.

To make it even better, the monitor is at a very competitive price for the awesome specs it is offering. It is definitely the best choice so far that I have made to get PRISM+ monitor.

With their positive attitude towards their customer in terms of sales and technical support, PRISM+ is definitely the brand to go to!

Thumbs up and keep up the good work! Looking forward to more awesome products from PRISM+ in the future!

Functional and Clean

I bought this during the Lazada 7th Anniversary, for a very decent price. The arm was easy to set up even for a total mech noob like me. I had to message Prism+ on their Facebook page to clarify some queries that I had with assembling it. I found their customer service very helpful in answering my queries promptly.

The product itself is very good. I am using it with Prism+'s F270 Pro. The arm comes with 2 audio extension cable and a USB cable to act as a passthrough in case you need them. The arm has compartments for cable management and can fit the the F270 Pro's power cable, HDMI cable, and the Audio extension cable that comes with the arm. I did manage to fit another HDMI cable as well, but its a tight fit.

The spring system as well as the hinges all work well. The springs can be adjusted according to the weight of the monitor being mounted. The clamp that I am using with my table is really customisable as it has 2 settings you can use (see image), before tightening the clamp. As such it should be able to fit thicker tables as well.

Overall, really glad with the purchase. It helps really tidy up the desk. The cable management compartments in the arm can fit 2 HDMI cables, a power cable, and one or two audio cables, although it is a tight squeeze. Customer service via Facebook messenger was really good. Actively recommending my friends to get it as well. Hope my review helps if you're on the fence.

Awesome affordable curved monitor

Have just switched to this curved monitor after using HD TV and normal HDMI monitors and it has been awesome so far! No regrets converting and will definitely upgrade to a larger screen in future because of the affordability!

Sleek & Reasonably Priced Monitor

The features of this monitor is elegantly done, so awesomely crafted for each ones desire for game, work, watching movie or just browsing. Overall its absolutely great monitor !