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Awesome Gaming Monitor

Excellent gaming monitor, no regrets in buying it for my son's gaming setup.... 8-)

Still extremely happy about this purchase, loving it every time I use it.

I have been using my 13" MBP to edit my photos for the past few years and finally thought of upgrading my work space. Got recommended by a friend to the P270 and I have to say that this is one of the best investment made in my photography business! The screen is super sharp and I love the thin bezel. It sits nicely with the minimalistic look of my work desk and I have to say it made my workflow more efficient with it's crazy screen real estate. Highly recommended!

Beast of a monitor

Has everything you need 144Hz, 1ms response time and 2k resolution.

It is good! No issues on pixels or screen quality. Great for games such as Overwatch or Monster Hunter World. Screen size is just right.

PRISM+ X340 review

Works very well with the Mac Mini 2018, absolute delight to use !

Worth the price!

Quite a steal at this price as compared to more established retailers. If you don't mind not having HDR, this 4K is actually good and there's no problem with it so far!


A picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look at it yourself. Simply perfect. Great buy, would recommend.


A picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look at it yourself. Simply perfect. Great buy, would recommend.


product works as described. have had an input problem once, but was ok after i reboot the PS4. Mainly used for playing monster hunter world

Works great

No problems so far

its good, will be 5 stars with inbuild audio speakers

Amazing product

Really great and quality product

Good gaming monitor at cheap price

At $399, you get this high fps gaming monitor and good quality without dead pixel. If you buy Samsung or LG ,, it is going to be $800 or more

Great gaming monitor at 144Hz

Got a Prism X315 Pro together with my new gaming rig at Comex last year. It is a great monitor together with my 1080Ti allowing me to reach comfortable fps with most games. The 31 Inch and curve display really allows you to get totally absorbed and immersed in the game

Monitor is value for its price with no dead pixels and Prism provides great and swift customer support. I had trouble mounting my monitor with the arc and they responded within 5 Minutes via instagram dm on a Saturday evening and everything was resolved within 20 minutes.

Would surely recommend Prism monitors to my friends and colleagues.


Value for money 4K monitor

Good enough for Battlefield 1 and V so far!

F270 FHD Monitior

The monitor is totally worth it. The specs are good and the price is cheap compared to other monitors outside

Ultrawide is not a gimmick

If you have at least a gtx1080, or even a gtx1070, get this one. This monitor is amazing. Can't believe they can sell at this price for something so amazing. Awesome for work (can easily view multiple windows), awesome for gaming. How is this possible!!!

But really though, get this monitor, you won't regret it. And once you go ultrawide, no way you will go back.

ARC 01
Good buy

Arm is easy to use and install. its great that now i can shift the monitor up/away for more table space when needed.


Got this x490 Prism+ monitor around 1 month ago. Is a total fit for my desk. After using it for a month, the size feel just right for me and the gameplay for both my ps4 and pc gaming is smooth with no lag and complains. thumbs up

Great ultra-wide 1440p display with GSYNC support now!

The monitor was great before, now it just got even better after Nvidia released support for GSYNC compatible monitors. Yes, x340 works with Nvidia cards for adaptive sync now! Everything is butter smooth on a GTX 1060 6GB (I know I need a better GPU for AAA titles :( )

Check out this video of gsync test on! Top is with gsync, bottom is with vsync.
Apologies for the grainy video, my phone has bad camera D:

Customer support is amazing too. Had a faulty display a few months ago, got it replaced with free delivery within a few days!

Stunning quality for affordable price

Prism+ Makes beautiful monitors for an affordable price. Whether it’s gaming or video/photo editing, this monitor performs fantastically for all of it. I’m using it with my laptop at the moment because I just couldn’t wait any longer and it was absolutely worth it. Thank you Prism+ for all you do!

Clean Lean Killin' Machine

This monitor is straight up sick and hasn't failed my expectations yet! Visuals are buttery smooth, colours are really vivid! Her minimalistic design makes for a clean look and can perfectly match up themes with any setups! This monitor is certainly bang for the buck! I would definitely recommend this great product to everyone who are thinking to buy it. Quit considering and trust me, you won't regret!!

Great 4K Monitor

This is a great monitor if you do not want to spend a lot for a 4k screen with great colour, especially if you are using it for photo editing or video editing. It is also not bad for some light gaming with 70Hz overclocking, considering I do more work using this screen anyways. Might consider a second screen to replace my current secondary screen sometime in the future.