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fast delivery, good quality, reasonable price. will order again in the future

Damien Goh
Prism Q55 TV Rox!

My parents TV broke after many years and I've heard nothing but good stuff about Prism+ TVs since I own 2 Prism+ X340s for my work. I must say I'm very impressed and will highly recommend, the parents are super pleased and that makes me happy too! Great work Prism+!

Swivel Mount is a MUST HAVE!

It had save us so much trouble from plugging in gaming consoles, and adding Hue Lights for perfect ambience during movie nights without asking another person to help lift up d whole tv.

Suzanne Tan
X270 PRO 💪🏻👍🏼

Besides work, My husband never leave his pc ever since he bought this. I almost forget I’m already married! 😭

Shank Spencer
Best Gift Ever For Entertainment For All

The plan to purchase a replacement TV set for the parents and PRISM+ QE Pro Q55 seemed to be just perfect. It's an absolute spot on purchase for oneself, the family, for parents or even an additional unit in the room.

The colours are spot on crisp and the sound and its clarity is second to none. Truly grateful to their service as well (CS and Technician). Fantastic work guys! You won't go wrong that's all I can say!

Alex Ng
Excellent choice

Excellence choice, totally worth it. Just like nasdaq stock on my screen always up and rising

Hamdan Abdul Hamid
Thumbs up! Prism+ C240 and Arc Stealth

Excellent items for my Uni boy HBL and WFH. Fits nicely in his room. He is indeed happy and motivated. Hoping that it will spur and help him in his studies.


A lot my colleagues bought Prism+ television and I have been listening to all their positive comments. My current television broke now after 3 years; therefore I decided to give Prism+ a try since it's 9.9 Grab Sale. No regrets!

Arc Opus
Penny Quek
Sturdy and space saving arm

Bought mine during Lazada sale and received item very quickly the next day. Item is easy to install and saves a lot of desk space. The arm takes little space, is sturdy and flexible and can hold monitor very close to back wall if needed. Holds my 28 inch Lenovo screen. Only issue is I don’t know what the USB ports and cables at back are for and instructions don’t say.

Awesome Mount for the Perfect PRISM+ Q65-QE PRO TV

Bought the mount along with the PRISM+ Q65-QE PRO, fits perfectly well on the wall and easy to use. Installer did a great job in mounting and explained what needs to be done if mount needs to be adjusted. Overall very satisfied with the item, service and support.

ONG Eng Ju
Poor 'Leg' Design Spoils what would Otherwise be a Fabulous TV

Bought on 29 AUG 2021. First impressions are that the TV is very similar to the TCL43S434 (TCL 43" CLASS 4-SERIES 4K UHD HDR LED SMART ANDROID TV) and priced similarly as well. Display panel brightness and quality is very good, and the latency of the TV's panel is even low enough that it can be used as a giant computer monitor in a pinch (the mouse cursor will move quickly and smoothly on the screen, whereas on a TV panel with high latency, it will look like it is trying to 'swim' through honey).

On closer inspection — especially in monitor mode — it becomes clear why a TV with such a high quality display can be priced so competitively: the LCD pixels layer is not on the same plane as the backlight layer, and neither are they on the same plane as the outer glass layer. This considerable amount of 'gap', which can be as much as an estimated 2mm–3mm, makes for a considerable amount of perspective error if you are looking at something that is not in the middle of the screen. The 'IPS glow' is also quite strong when the TV is showing a black screen or a dark scene.

Lastly, the 'leg' design of this series of TVs certainly has much room for improvement. The factory-provided 'legs' are keyed in such a way that by default, they can only be installed on the TV facing outwards, i. e., the TV can only be placed on a surface that is as long as, or longer than the TV's width (95cm in the case of this 43-inch TV). This may be due to the possibility that the manufacturer is kiasu and afraid of the TV toppling over and hence manufactured the 'legs' in such a way that they could only be installed facing outwards.

However, I feel that since a TV of this form factor is extremely unlikely to topple sideways, then our only concern should be to prevent it from toppling forwards/backwards. In this aspect, the important measurement to prevent toppling is the width of the 'V'-shape of each 'leg', which is fixed, and not how far apart the two sets of 'legs' are from each other. Therefore, I had spent a few hours carefully grinding away the aluminium notch on each 'leg' so that they could be installed on the TV facing inwards instead of outwards (see picture). The savings on minimum surface length required for placing the TV is significant: 66cm table length instead of 95cm. Stability of the TV seems to be unaffected — it is not any easier to topple forward/backward compared to before when the 'legs' were installed facing outwards. In future, I hope the manufacturer will provide 'legs' that do not come with the notch moulded into the would be terrible to have to do this kind of grinding for every TV purchase.

Irene Chua

My husband got the exact monitor for his gaming setup a 2 months back and I immediately fell in love with the ultrawide screen. 😻

As a UX designer, I tend to open multiple windows and switch between screens alot. The split screen view definitely maximise my productivity!

Highly recommend for anyone who WFH, in fact I think all bosses should invest in it for their employees. Highly recommended and worth your investment 👍

Check out my non-gamer, gamer set up in the photos😉

Axel Lee
Great Job Done!

Thank you for the great quality, functionable and slick design product! Love the curve! Loving it!

Josephine Liou
Dream TV that I been waiting for Prism+ 65 Pro

Wanted to purchase 75inch but I didn't purchase due to unable to support 5G, Im very happy with my currently purchase... Thank you Prism+ 65 Pro... Damn love it


My first ever monitor and i got the x290 curved. Best buy ever, matches so well with my day 1 set up as i received my ergo table, monitor arm and chair recommended by my company.

Will look to buy a TV from you guys in the future!

Simply amazing monitor. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Hafiz Al-Asad
Worth the money!!

At first i was sceptical about it, but after reading up the reviews, i decided to buy the TV. With an affordable price tag, it was actually Superb! Worth every penny!!

Rik Rahman
Great product for the price!

So been considering a Prism+ purchase for awhile and was hesitant because if it's too good to be true, it usually isn't (good).

I was surprised at how not cheap it felt and looked. I've taken a look at cheaper options of well established TV brands and it feels like the quality and make of those 'lower tiered' models were an afterthought. They felt flimsy and weren't designed or manufactured well at all. This one, however, felt solid.

I did have some issues with the HDMI ARC at first, but emailed them and they replied very fast with recommended settings. Haven't had any problems since. Support is great.

No regrets here. Love it.

My very 1st Prism and im loving it

For the 1st time i can split my screen to multi-task and I'm giving PRISM 10 Star... hoping to win the ARC Stand to compromise my table space for my kids PC and my MacBook. we share 1 monitor now, how space saving and productive

Bought two from Prism+

Earlier I've researched alot of monitors before buying this. In the end, I still came back to PRISM+ and it has never fail on me so far despite the long hours with the WFH (super productive with this) + gaming. The picture shows how big is it roughly. Have even recommended to alot of my peers! Good job, PRISM+ folks!

Issey Ismardi
Unbeatable deal

Bought a 55” QE for just $719 (with grab80 voucher). Quality tv which is unbeatable in terms of pricing and function.

Arc Stealth
Kenneth Lee
Superb Arc Stealth Monitor Arm

The Arc Stealth monitor arm is fantastic and it works perfectly for my setup. I love it

Jovin Tan Shyr Der
Superb !! Received the Order with Thanks!!

Order online is fuzz free.
Delivery is Fast - Ordered On Friday and got it Delivered on Tuesday.
Customer service is excellent - Called to confirm and arranged for delivery.
Delivery staff (DARREN) is excellent too - Staff called to inform of the delivery time. Staff is courteous. Setup and Handling of the TV with care..

In Summary , Super Happy and Please with the Purchased.

Fantastic Buy!

After viewing over 20 tvs from multiple brands, and doing significant research, I realised the Prism+ value for money couldn't be beat. Now it's installed, the picture quality is crisp, audio is clear, and overall I'm extremely pleased with this decision. Coming back for monitors next!

Jeganathan Patmanathan
Excellent PRISM+ Q65-QE Pro TV with all the international standards

Perfect TV for the most affordable price, the AndroidTV OS makes it easier to access all kinda of app, for the price having 3 year on-site warranty is another plus. Support was great, went through in details on all the questions asked. Delivery was super fast ordered on Sunday, delivered and installed on Wednesday. Installer was friendly and very explain clearly about the TV and the mounting which I order together with the TV. I would give 5 star for item, delivery and the service & support.

Quin Fei Lai

If you are looking for a WFH setup. X270 can never go wrong. I use it mainly for work and it never disappoint me. Wording became bigger and i dont have to squint my eyes. The curve is really immersive, I did try a FPS game and it realy amaze me.I felt that I was in the game. If you game and WFH, choosing this can ever go wrong.