Technical Information

Screen Size 31.5"
Response Time 6ms (GTG)
4 ms (Overdrive)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Backlight Technology LED
Brightness 250 cd/m²
Panel Technology Vertical Alignment (VA) Technology
Viewing Angle 178° (Horizontal)/178° (Vertical)
Contrast ratio 3000:1
Curvature 1800R
Tilt Yes
Swivel No
Adjustable Height No
VESA Mounting 75 x 75 (with included custom spacers)


Maximum Resolution 2560 x 1440
Refresh Rate 144 Hz @ QHD (2560 x 1440)
AMD Freesync Yes


Speakers No


HDMI 1.4
DisplayPort 1.2
DVI Dual Link (DVI-D)


Power Cable Yes
HDMI Cable No
Display Port Cable Yes
Custom Spacers for VESA Mounting Yes

Addtional Functions

Low Blue light Yes
Flicker Free Yes

Physical Characteristics

Height 420 mm
Width 720 mm
Height with Stand 490 mm
Width with Stand 720 mm
Depth with Stand 250 mm
Weight w/o stand (Approximate) 5.90 kg
Weight with stand (Approximate) 7.0 kg


3 Years (1st 7 days Onsite Pickup and Return) Click here for more Info

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144hz butter smooth gameplay, now in QHD.

At PRISM, our goal is to take the 144hz gaming experience to the masses. Once you’ve experienced the pure visual nirvana that a 144hz display can deliver, your expectations of the display you use with any gaming rig will never be the same again. The New X315 Pro also features a stunning QHD display along with the  144hz fresh rate to ensure not only unbelievably smooth, but crisp high resolution visuals.

31.5 inches of Pure Visual Pleasure

The X315 PRO features a 31.5 ” R1800 Curved display, designed for an extremely comfortable viewing experience. Equipped with VA technology for best in class 3000:1 contrast ratios and ultra quick response times, take your game to a whole new level with the X315 PRO

On-The-Fly Mode Switching

Quickly Switch through our carefully factory calibrated profiles that have been optimized for various usage types. From game modes for specific genres to movie mode and more, we’ve prepared ideal profiles for you to get the most out of the X315 PRO in any usage scenario.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Great gaming monitor at 144Hz

Got a Prism X315 Pro together with my new gaming rig at Comex last year. It is a great monitor together with my 1080Ti allowing me to reach comfortable fps with most games. The 31 Inch and curve display really allows you to get totally absorbed and immersed in the game

Monitor is value for its price with no dead pixels and Prism provides great and swift customer support. I had trouble mounting my monitor with the arc and they responded within 5 Minutes via instagram dm on a Saturday evening and everything was resolved within 20 minutes.

Would surely recommend Prism monitors to my friends and colleagues.

Stunning quality for affordable price

Prism+ Makes beautiful monitors for an affordable price. Whether it’s gaming or video/photo editing, this monitor performs fantastically for all of it. I’m using it with my laptop at the moment because I just couldn’t wait any longer and it was absolutely worth it. Thank you Prism+ for all you do!

A great bang for your buck. Supports G-SYNC too!

Had questions regarding its performance so I approached PRISM+ on Instagram, which I had a great and interesting conversation with one of the staff (you know who you are). I must say it’s the best experience of customer service I’ve had with any company. To this particular CS rep, thank you so much once again.

Product wise, it came with no non-conforming pixels. Tested with white, black, red, green, blue fullscreens and there is no issues whatsoever. For the NVIDIA fans, G-SYNC compatibility works! Tested with GTX 1080. G-SYNC Pendulum test and Overwatch (ultra settings) returns an average of 133-140fps. Of course some settings have to be done on your own to get G-SYNC running at the monitor’s optimum performance with no screen tearing.

Although PRISM+ has yet to release any official statement regarding G-SYNC compatibility, here’s a happy customer who’s enjoying it right now. And upgrading from 1080p 60Hz to 1440p 144Hz was legit jawdropping. I went like, “Woah this is it”. Told myself, absolutely no regrets.

Attached photos taken in HDR with IP7+, zero edits or filters.

Best affordable monitor at it price

Have been looking around for a affordable 32 inch monitor and meets the specs i needed for gaming. After looking around different brands and came across PRISM. I was doubtful how can it price range be lower then most of it competitors.
So i when down to their showroom and saw first hand how good it was. I tried it and immediately bought 2 and when back home to set it up. Love the slim bezel btw.

Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

The best gaming monitor ever built. Perfect for PS4. Look at my humble set-up. Would be great to mount this prism+X325 Pro with the Arc 1 Monitor Arm

Don’t need to have second thoughts guys. BUY IT.