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Great monitor and delivery

Great value 4k monitor with great refresh rate for my gaming requirements. Awesome color!

Gerry Roda
From Flat to Curve

Finally, managed to get curved monitors 27in. I was skeptical at first, but it turned all good. The size and design just matched my needs for graphics intensive works. Monitor design is slim and modern. Size is just perfect for my table. The price was a good consideration too. Will have to consider for other teams too.

System 4

Ordered from AMK Hub Roadshow in August and the salesman was very helpful, answering all our questions. Installation was done mid September. Overall a smooth process and aircon works well too, with it’s innovative features, especially since it can be controlled with your phone

PRISM+ Symphony
belinda lee
PRISM+ Symphony

Super love the sound from PRISM+ Symphony soundbar! Is the best product ever! Whenever I’m at home it feels like watching movie in the Cinema! 🥰

Back to Square One - and Loving It!

When I bought my first PRISM+ monitor years ago, I remember thinking “now why can’t others make monitors like this - beautiful and affordable?” Silver and sleek, it sat elegantly on my work desk for years; its 27” HD screen displaying colours faithfully - something that I value as I do graphic design in my home office. When sadly, it finally gave out recently, I searched the entire monitor market for a replacement, covering all brands, big and small.

Eventually my search led me back to PRISM+ and the W270 PRO productivity model. Why? Because it was simply unbeatable - and for the same reasons - its value and great design. That it is the product of a Singapore company was the cherry on the cake for me. I make it a point to support home-grown brands which put out quality products at competitive prices. Plus I know I can rely on prompt after sales service should I ever require it.

Delivery was prompt. Just as I thought I would miss my old PRISM+ monitor, my new PRISM+ monitor now allows me to effortlessly set up the height and tilt of the screen exactly to my liking and rotate it so I can even watch the news from my kitchen.

The resolution of its Quad HD IPS display is a jump up from my old monitor’s HD display, allowing me to subdivide the screen while retaining the sharpness of each window. Now I can work on multiple windows simultaneously, enhancing my productivity. And the colours are still as faithful as ever. All for a price that is remarkable compared to the competition. What’s not to like? Keep leading, PRISM+!

Lili Yeo

Great! Love it👍🏻

System 4

Placed order in August and had it installed in September. Fast survey and installation done. Have not had the chance to try the aircon yet as place is still under renovation but aircon looks great! Free 55" QE Pro was a bonus too!

Jose Ignacio
Prism + Q55QE

This is my 2nd purchased. I really love this items money worth buying. Will order again soon. Highly recommended.

PRISM+ PG400U Gaming Monitor

Got this beast as a free gift from PRISM+ when I purchased PRISM+ System 4 aircon. Super love the ultra widescreen & active sync! With 2 HDMI & 1 DP, it’s easy to hook up to my PC, PS4 & even Chromecast! Loving my gaming corner more & more with PRISM+ gadgets!!

1 x PRISM+ PG270 from PRISM+.

Great arm design good pair for the prism monitor.

Dickson Tang
Good Value TV

High resolution, clarity, easy setup TV and useful for meeting, presentation and entertainment.
Price cheaper than a projector.

Prompt delivery and friendly staff that will help you settle everything from "A" to "Z"

Prism symphony soundbar

The music performance was clear and crisp. For movie the soundbar was able to provide the immersive feeling of being in the movie and with Dolby atmos it brings the movie to a further height performance. The build quality was solid and controls was sufficient to meet my need. If wifi and control for the subwoofer was provided would bring the soundbar to a higher level. Kudos to prism for a impressive products.

PRISM+ W220v
Chen Zekai
Budget frenly monitor

Was running tight on a budget for my brand new setup n this monitor price jus saved me so much therefore enabling me to achieve my long awaited dual monitor setup 🙏🙏

This monitor is the one on the left

Arc Stealth Dual
Chen Zekai
Monitor arm

Gets the job done, save up so much space from my rable n help achieved my dream dual monitor setup :)

Muhamad Sunasri Samat

Very clear picture

My 4th Prism Screen

Perfect monitor to replace my x315 pro, price to screen ratio are unmatchable on the market. Giving overseas brand a run for their money. Keep up the good work prism hope to see more and more outstanding product from you.

monitor issue

encountered monitor problem and i have reported the issue via ( Instagram DM ) the support staff was very prompt attending to my case. within 3 days my problem resolved. hassle free you don’t have to followup for status update. great customer service keep it up

It Is Awesome

The delivery was very fast. Got it in 2 days after ordered. As for the quality, i never expect it is so awesome.

Kee Lin Neo
2nd purchase of Prism quality TV

2nd purchase of the Prism+ TV, as usual very good quality and have more functionality than the 1st ones. Saving money now to purchase the 85”

Keshab Sunuwar

I like video quality ever

Very nice monitor

Received it last week, the monitor was a bit bigger than expected, easy to set up, and is very stable without the monitor arm, overall very nice!

PG438 ultra wide screen gaming monitor

Awesome wide screen monitor that gave you so much space to multitask. It's immersive.

Twiggy Wong

Love Prism +

Worth It!

Second time owning a Prism+ TV and I can confidently say that for its price point, it gives big brands TV a run for their money.
The sound quality from the TV is already quite good and loud, only thing I am annoyed is that the volume logo is pointed to the left and not the right, but that's just me nitpicking.
Graphics are excellent too, except when it come to cable TV, but that isn't their fault it's the Set-Up Box connection problem.
Love the wall mount too as my room wall connects at a 90°, the wall mount is perfect for my room
Would highly recommend this.

Awesome Curve Monitor

Happy and satisfied with my purchased. Highly recommended.