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Brought me new sense of enjoyment

My mum was initially against it, but after showing her the reviews and the specs of the TV, plus convincing her that our previous TV had served us well for more than 10 years. She finally agreed and does not regret her decision!!! My dad and her are stuck to the TV the whole day cause it is so big and so clear! I have to really take the rare occasions that they are not watching to actually get a chance to enjoy the TV.
Thank you PRISM+ :)

Beautiful screen!

Been reading about Prism+ products... Finally bought one and I am very impressed with the quality. Thumbs-up!

Great purchase

Great for the price. Had some installation problems but customer support helped me deal with it quickly


Great TV. 😊

Everyone Loves It !

Been having this q75 for almost a month now. and there is not 1 day that i not turned it on. there is always something to view each day. be it on netflix, youtube, my cable subscription, karaoke or just simply 4k stills. i even took selfies/wefies with the tv as our backdrop. travel in style without needing to travel. πŸ‘πŸ½β˜ΊοΈ. so realistic till my cat loves it too! and he always blocks the subtitles when i am viewing my netflix movies

Absolutely a best value and price monitor

I was very skeptical initially when I saw the prism plus monitor website, from a long time dell monitor user standpoint.

However i took a leap of faith and ordered this x270 monitor


Price price price, for this spec the similar product from other brands definitely cost more

Sharp, clear and colour rich VA Panel

Fast delivery in 2 days as promised


Generally plastical feel for the monitor casing and buttons

The ports position is a bit odd for easy access

The default, it took me time to figure out how to secure it to the panel.

Overall, I love this monitor and I regret I never a even bigger one! Good job team

Vibrant and colourful

Prism75 is the perfect Android enabled Tv for quarter the price of the flagship brands. Its vibrant and colourful. Although it's in my room I hardly get to use it because my siblings all snatch to use it!

E55 Prism TV - Easy to use and pretty to look at it too

Purchase and delivery were super smooth, fits nicely with your room aesthetics, and tv interface is very easy to use.

The only issue - have to separately call Mio tv to figure out input issue - as the technician/delivery guy wasn't able to help in this.

Highly recommend!

One more step to a complete Smart home

Perfect addition to the living room. I am a Netflix lover and the apps just all works seamlessly, together with google. I am now even lazier with asking Google to turn tv off for me. And the speakers are decently powered, unless you are a sound buff, I think the speakers are decently good. Picture is sharp on HD videos and all.
The user interface is really simple and easy to navigate, I paired it also with other portable Bluetooth speakers easily.
Would consider buying it again for sure for my other rooms when I upgrade this to a 75 inch!

Best Value Large Screen TV

I was sceptical about buying a 55"TV at less than $1,500. The Prism+ E55 was less than half that price. Despite my scepticism, I ordered it and was very glad I saved over $700. The E55 has all the features I need with the added convenience of a dedicated Netflix and Youtube button on the remote control. The picture quality is good at its default settings out of the box. That said, there are multiple adjustments you can make to suit your personal preference. If you're watching in HD especially, the picture is every bit as good as screens at more than three times the price.

Another surprise with the E55 is the sound quality. I found that my sound bar was pretty much redundant. Audio quality on flat screen TVs is not usually very good. But this one is different. You don't really need a sound bar to have a decent listening experience.

In these COVID times when money is tight, there's no need to spend $1,500-$5,000 for a large TV. Prism+ is up there with the best.

SLEEK Design & Quality

Fast delivery.. fast email responses for enquires. Goods received in good condition and very happy with purchase. Regretted not buying 55" instead. Haha. Love the color.. the resolution! Value for money!

Good for students

Students that needs a cheap monitor, I recommend to buy this monitor because it isn't only cheap, but the visual display is amazing. The RGB is 100% accurate. It's good for both design and gaming.

Perfect Monitor for Music Producers

I love my new Prism+ Ultrawide X300 and it is definitely a perfect monitor for music production. Everything is PERFECT!!! No Complaints!!!

Nicely Product! Simply Loving It!

Lets just break into some points

HDR600 is Great.
Blackness level is Great.
Color is Great.
120Hz Refresh Rate.
Clean design. Plus, it is White. Heavy Solid Sturdy too.
Built-in Speaker is where it's on the downside but im guessing this is normal and can be solve easily.
Finally the price point. Where else can you find this. Right?

Smile. Regards.

Fantastic Screen

I am really enjoying my new productivity setup and it's only working thanks to the monitor.

Insane 4k TV

I highly reccomend the E65 to anyone looking for a top tier digital TV at the captivating and unreal low price that Prism has priced it at.

It is 100% undervalued and is such a steal at this price range

The resolution and colours displayed were definetely impressive and of paramount importance when choosing a TV. The sound was also superb of which dialogue and sound effects of shows were clear and crisp. Also, the clean interface of the TV was nice to have in addition to the easy access buttons on the remote itself. This made going back to watch my favorite shows on Netflix so much easier !!

I would definetely choose the E65 again if given a change to go back and repick. Its a top tier TV at an unbeatable price for sure!! A pro tip would be to opt for the swivel mount which i personally did as its so convenient to be able to adjust the screen such that i can watch from almost any angle !!

Uncompromised quality despite being a local brand

A lot of people told me not to get PRISM+ because the brand is not very well established so the quality is debatable. After receiving by W270 PRO, I found that the quality was actually up to the industry standard. Honestly, it's just as great, if not better than other brands.

I'd highly recommend you to give it a try at a showroom or a friend's house. You have to see it to believe it. It also works really well with hydraulic monitor arms as its bezel-less design and light weight makes it easy to manoeuvre!

A very Happy Customer

Super clear n brilliant colour.. we are enjoying the movie n songs from this big screen TV. Never thought will buy such a big TV in my life.. over the weekend, me n my children will spend time together watching movies and they will not just stay in their room .I am really very happy n looking forward to weekends.. it’s really worth the money spend πŸ‘πŸ»

Decent monitor

Considering the price, fast delivery, and good performance. Will buy another product if needed.

Prism+ E32

Recently change my old school tv to the E32 for my bedroom. Was really glad that I choose prism as the quality is good with affordable price. Well recommend to my friends. :)

Awesome Monitor

Idea for game immersion and movie buffs! five star rating for sure.

Great screen

Fast delivery, great price for value!

Amazing Television!!!

Best television!! Instant delivery only 1 Day! Great customer service from the installation team , The quality is top notch, Smart features work great , beat Quality to prove 4k TV !

ONE is not enough...

This is my 2nd, 3rd and 4th purchase of gaming monitors from Prism+. My 1st was an ultrawide Prism X490. The quality and performance was so good that I had decided to go triple screens (3x Prism X315 Pro) for a more immersive SIM Racing experience! Prism+ monitors never disappoints!

Fast deliver and easy to setup

What can I say?
It is absolutely amazing πŸ‘

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