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Arc Neo

Arc Neo

Arc Neo

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Aesthetic, functional and built for gamers, the Arc Neo provides a seamless blend to your RGB gaming stations while increasing your visual comfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Marissa Lau
Aesthetically neat

Easy to set up and sturdy built. Not sure about the disco lights at the base. Would have preferred it without the lights. Appreciate the cabling concealment parts but it would helpful if it was a little bit longer. Great product!

William Yeow
Great monitor arm to free up desk sapce

Took a dive and purchase this monitor arm as I was afraid it might not hold up the the weight of my PG348Q, fortunately everything turn out fine. Installation was easy. If I want to nick pick, will be great if RGG can be Aura sync.

Fahmi Suri
Reliable and sturdy

The arm was easy to fix and sturdy. Placement Cable management of the arm are well placed

Navin Segar
Pretty lights for a pretty setup

Looks real good with my prism monitor and stealth arc. A nice addition to my setup. looking forward to buying 1 more monitor to complete my triple monitor setup

Totally worth it

Minitor arm together with prism+ x340 is a good combination. Space creation and allow easy cleaning