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ARC 02

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Perfect your Gaming or Workstation Setup

Create the Ultimate Gaming or Workstation Setup with the PRISM+ Arc Monitor Arm Series. Our monitor arms enable you to instantly make any VESA compatible monitor fully adjustable! These premium monitor arms also clear up desk space, enabling an ultimate clean setup by eliminating the need for a monitor stand.

Dynamic Movement, Easy Install System

With all-directional movement, the ARC 02 allows for full motion and enables you to position your monitors exactly the way you want it. Long hours seated at the computer can cause eye, neck and back strain but with the ARC 02, you’re able to better align your body to reduce strain. With a built in spring tension gauge that can be tuned and a gas spring counterbalance that for smooth adjustments, the ARC 02 allows you to position your monitors with minimum effort and maximum precision.

Built Robust , Constructed for Ultimate Versatility

The PRISM+ ARC Monitor Arm Series is built and engineered to offer a high performance monitor arm for any environment. Its ease of use, durability and strength make it the perfect solution for a dynamic and fast paced setting. Not only that, additional features such as a cable management system and USB and audio jack ports allow for a cleaner and more efficient setup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
ARC 02

Easy to install.. good price.. mount 2 x 22" monitor .
Do not mount against the wall as you might need some space between the table and the wall for the arm to rotate.

Sturdy, Stylish, Space Saving, Superb!

I set mine up at my desk in office and it has helped in the following:
- eased the strain on my neck;
- freed up space on my desk;
- boosted my productivity;

Will likely get another one for my home.

Really high quality and excellent piston/spring system!

I kinda had buyer's remorse after reading a comment about "locking" the arms but thankfully that wasn't how the arms work. You tighten a screw to adjust the strength of the piston/spring in the arm according to your monitor weight. This allows me to move the screen around as well as rotate whenever I want to as I intended. My only complain about the stand is that it has a very large footprint and it is very difficult to sit the monitors flushed against a wall at a height while being next to each other with one in portrait mode, it doesn't feel like it's designed for 2 monitors in mind. This is nitpicking however and I will definitely recommend this to anyone who needs ONE desk mounted monitor. Otherwise, get 2+ ARC-01 arms.

Excellent VESA Stand

I got it alongside the X240 and mounted it with my old monitor as a secondary. The delivery came on time, according to what was chosen upon checkout. The product arrived in a really good condition. Unpacking it was easy, the instructions may be slightly confusing since they included 2 ways to setup the stand--clip on or installed into the table directly, so just follow accordingly. Initially when I installed my first monitor on it, the arm sagged immediately but I just forgot to tighten the arm (it was mentioned in the instructions but I got carried away).

Been using it for a day now, USB port works fine, audio ports seem to push my headphones to mono channel but its a nice addition. Adjustments were easy and the arm feels really sturdy. 10/10 recommended to my friends.

Awesome monitor arms, Awesome staff!

I actually made this purchase halfheartedly thinking it might not be as good as it seems. But I was pleasantly surprised by the durability, ease of use, and the optional accessories built into the base itself (usb and audio jack). I've recommended this product to my friends too, now a few of them are planning to get once they move to their new home / revamp their rooms