PRISM+ X340 Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Front View



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high refresh rateULTRA WQHD

100hz3440 x 1440

144hz2560 x 1080

The X340 is crafted with a massive 34” ultra-wide design that is combined with a 1800R curvature for a visual experience unlike any other. The curve of the X340 envelopes your natural field of vision, creating a true cinematic viewing experience that will blow your mind. Throw in a blistering 100hz and 144hz refresh rates and you have incredible butter smooth visuals that will redefine your in-game experience.

144Hz Flawless butter smooth gameplay

The X340 features our modern minimalist design language, using quality materials and a clean metallic frame that will ensure that it looks good next to your gaming or pc setup.

Who said Gaming Monitors can’t be Beautiful?

The X340 features an ultra-wide 3440 x 1440 resolution, for unbelievably crisp images that show the fine details in even the most complex game scenes , videos and images. The abundant amount of real estate also allows you to fit much more on your display than with a typical monitor, for epic levels of multitasking. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio and wide colour gamut capability, the X340 displays beautiful colours and deep blacks that are ideal for both gamers and professional users.

On-The-Fly Mode Switching

Quickly Switch through our carefully factory calibrated profiles that have been optimized for various usage types. From game modes for specific genres to movie mode and more, we’ve prepared ideal profiles for you to get the most out of the X340 in any usage scenario.