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Arc Stealth Pro

Arc Stealth Pro

Arc Stealth Pro

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Versatile and somewhat unconventional, the Arc Stealth Pro features a pole system that allows up to 3 arms to be attached and varying heights for your viewing comfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Good quality holder for monitor

It is great and good in quality. just need to take note if your desk has curving edge. The clamp is not able to install, and have to drill a hole for installation.

Joel Goh
Space saver

Absolutely must have for running dual monitors, or if you have a small desk. Saves a lot of desk real estate, especially when using larger monitors with larger feet. Love the clean set up and easy cable management!

Exactly what I needed.

Never understood the appeal of a Portrait setup until I got this stand. For someone who is predominatly working from home, the flexibility and usuability of this is just awesome.

Materials are really top quality and feels sturdy, plus the opportunity to expand this setup in the future makes it so appealing.

Don't need to second guess. If you have space, buy it.

Durable and Strong

The Monitor stand's material has a good quality and is very still. I trust that it will withstand my monitor's weight. I am happy that I bought this product instead of those I saw online. Thank you!

Joel Chia
Bang for the buck!

For its versatility and looks, definitely the best in the market. The arm does not interfere with the wall & other furniture in the room.

Exactly what I was looking for, after regretting a budget purchase from another rival company.

I have been there and experienced disappointment. Now I'm here to let you, other consumers to know that this is the industry leading monitor arm and it's worth every penny of yours.