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ARC 01

ARC 01

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Perfect your Gaming or Workstation Setup

Create the Ultimate Gaming or Workstation Setup with the PRISM+ Arc Monitor Arm Series. Our monitor arms enable you to instantly make any VESA compatible monitor fully adjustable! These premium monitor arms also clear up desk space, enabling an ultimate clean setup by eliminating the need for a monitor stand.

Dynamic Movement, Easy to install System

With all-directional movement, the ARC 01 allows for full motion and enables you to position your monitors exactly the way you want it. Long hours seated at the computer can cause eye, neck and back strain but with the ARC 01, you’re able to better align your body to reduce strain. With a built in spring tension gauge that can be tuned and a gas spring counterbalance that for smooth adjustments, the ARC 01 allows you to position your monitors with minimum effort and maximum precision.

Built Robust, Constructed for Ultimate Versatility

The PRISM+ ARC Monitor Arm Series is built and engineered to offer a high performance monitor arm for any environment. Its ease of use, durability and strength make it the perfect solution for a dynamic and fast paced setting. Not only that, additional features such as a cable management system and USB and audio jack ports allow for a cleaner and more efficient setup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
Perfect for Gaming

Had considered to buy a bigger monitor for a gaming setup but a monitor arm made for a much more comfortable experience. Build quality is great and setup is super easy. The reach of the arm lets you position your screen wherever and however you like and the tensioning system lets you balance it for any monitor within he weight limit. It was also great to get to attachment options in the box (table clamp and drilled attachment mount). Fantastic value for money!



Great Value , Great Buy

Easy to install even for a lady on my own . will be great to also add in tension management steps so we know what to do exactly to fix the screen and move the arm to the exact height and angle with minimum fuss . This will make it a more pleasant customer journey for ladies not well versed with these manual set ups !

Harry Tan
Excellent upgrades for my home work desk!

Working from home for past few month during the pandemic, resulted in my sniff neck and shoulder pain due to improper work posture. Upon advice from my chiropractic doctor, I decided to upgrade my work desk by getting PRISM+ W240 E and ARC 01. I am able to adjust the monitor high to my eye-level to improve my work posture. I used to end my work with very tired eyes and at times double visions. This situation had improved a lot as well with the new monitor. Definitely a happy customer!

Eman Raharno Jeman

The Arc-01 monitor arm is our go to for our studio. A sure recommended equipment for designers and illustrators!