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Arc Opus

Arc Opus

Arc Opus

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Built with aluminized steel, the Arc Opus is a sturdy space saver with 4 main adjustments; the perfect monitor arm to achieve clean, minimal aesthetics.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Nice setup

I didn't have any knowledge of other monitor arms, bought a PRISM+ arm as I was buying a PRISM+ monitor, and it all seemed to go well together. Chose the Opus for its looks, and also as it could support the weight of my monitor. The designs, reviews, and most importantly the price, seemed good.
I have to admit setting up the arm was not so easy though. Having no prior experience with monitor arms, I did not know how the arms work nor what the a gas compression spring was, so attempted to set up the arm withouth the large (and heavy) monitor on it at first.
Good thing PRISM+'s online chat support is very helpful.
Slight grouse with the screws - you need to get a bigger allen key and use brute force to tighten the screws, to keep the monitor from tilting. I had almost worn out the threads in the screws and wasn't sure if my arm wasn't faulty, so brought it in to the service centre where a service personnel assisted to tighten the screw and assured me that that was the way they work and my arm was fine. My monitor still does droop a little if I move it, however just have to tighten the screws again.

John Goh
Great service!

I ordered and received the Prism monitor arm Arc Opus within 2 days, very fast delivery!
Discovered the past E and H doesn't clip on properly and email them the next day. Received the replacement with the next 2 days and working well now! Fantastic service!

Penny Quek
Sturdy and space saving arm

Bought mine during Lazada sale and received item very quickly the next day. Item is easy to install and saves a lot of desk space. The arm takes little space, is sturdy and flexible and can hold monitor very close to back wall if needed. Holds my 28 inch Lenovo screen. Only issue is I don’t know what the USB ports and cables at back are for and instructions don’t say.

Samuel Gan
Space saving and strong monitor arm 👍🏻

Got the Arc Opus to support my heavy 8.44kg dell 34 inch monitor, and now I have space to stuff my Marshall speakers underneath!

Fade Neo
X340 PRO 144Hz & ARC OPUS

Simply just love how vibrant the colors is and the clear image when I'm in my games. all the detailed this X340 gave me was sick. dam worth the price and definitely will be back for their TVs. As for their ARC OPUS, even though it stated max 32inch monitor but my 34inch fitted just nicely and looks sleek. say goodbye to all the messy table. last but not least, would like to gladly thanks prism+ staff for their fast reply on my enquires on their product and provide me with the necessary answer.