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Arc Lite

Arc Lite

Arc Lite

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Customer Reviews

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Bought and Never Regretted

Getting a monitor has always been a headache as there is no space on my table for it. Thankfully for Prism arc lite, it is not only affordable but also resolved my space issue. I can now adjust my monitor to any angle i want. It is definitely a great buy!!

Great monitor for multi tasker & arc lite for decluterring

Purchased while it was on the tech sales!
The Arc lite was a little difficult to fix it up, but with the instructions manual, it went smoothly.
Nicely hold up the monitor and the wide perspective allows me to work with few tasks on hand and also not so tiring on my eyes! Highly recommended!

Katherine France
7 Days Later - More than just an arm.

Let's go through the CONS (not really a con tho) :

It can only hold a monitor of 27 inches at most, and so don't try to think that, "hey, this looks cheaper, I should probably get it for my 32 inches monitor!" - no seriously, a friend of mine did that and so here trying to educate everyone else who don't read descriptions or the specs of the product they are getting!

On a side note, after using this Arc Lite for 7 days now, here are the pointers you should take note of -

1. Cable management bliss.
The Arc Lite comes with a wire management pathway on its body itself, and you can wrap or coil your wires accordingly. It is pleasing to the eyes, from where you sit and you see no cables flying around everywhere.

2. Premium to the touch.
If you look at the photos closely, you will see that the Arc Lite's texture gives a premium feel to it. Maybe it does not matter to you, but it certainly does not feel cheap.

3. Lite but sturdy.
You might think the monitor cannot hold a 27 inch monitor because it is "Lite," but it does it well. I can adjust my monitor as and when I want to and there is no hassle.

4. Easy installation.
Once you've got the manual guide on your hands, the steps are clear with designated pictures/drawings in how to mount it onto your monitor.

5. Speedy Customer Service Replies.
Being a noob I think I needed more guidance (even with the manual guide) on how to mount it to the monitor, but the Team Members were professionally patient with me. Kudos to the Team!

There are cheaper choices out there, but given the quality and service you're receiving for an arm, or a monitor arm, PRISM ensures it is an experiential journey.

Like, it is not just an arm to sell for them, it is about how your experience is and let's get real, not many established brands or non-established brands put in so much effort for you to install an arm.

To them, it is definitely the consumer's experiential journey.

Lightweight and versatile!

Thought I'd get this instead of the Stealth as it was slightly cheaper and I'm really satisfied! Works really well for me as I don't have much table space and the joints are really flexible allowing me to view my screen from many different angles! I can now watch videos from my bed! Pretty sturdy as well!

Si En Huang
Arc Lite

Easy online purchase to delivery. The quality of the Arc Lite exceeded my expectation. Easy assembled.