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144Hz Flawless butter smooth gameplay

At PRISM, our goal is to take the 144hz gaming experience to the masses. Once you’ve experienced the pure visual nirvana that a 144hz display can deliver, your expectations of the display you use with any gaming rig will never be the same again. The ultra quick 144hz display technology in our X315 ensures visuals are unbelievably smooth and crisp, even in the most intense of battles.

31.5 inches of Pure Visual Pleasure

The X315 features a 31.5 ” R1800 Curved display, designed for an extremely comfortable viewing experience. Equipped with VA technology for best in class 3000:1 contrast ratios and ultra quick response times, take your game to a whole new level with the X315

On-The-Fly Mode Switching

Quickly Switch through our carefully factory calibrated profiles that have been optimized for various usage types. From game modes for specific genres to movie mode and more, we’ve prepared ideal profiles for you to get the most out of the X315 in any usage scenario.