Television Tips & Tricks

Thank you for choosing PRISM+!

We can’t wait for you to experience your favorite TV shows on your new PRISM+ TV!

⭐ Fast Boot

Your new PRISM+ TV comes with a Fast Boot feature that allows the TV to power on seamlessly by keeping your important apps stored in its memory, allowing seamless transitions between apps.

To make the experience better, we recommend doing a power cycle every week or when necessary. This helps remove apps which are not recently used from the memory, helping to keep your new PRISM+ TV buttery smooth!

How do I Power Cycle?

Simply just press and hold the power button until the TV is turned off and then power it on 5mins later, it’s that simple!

⭐ Picture Mode

Wondering which Picture Mode to choose for the best experience? Don't worry, we got your back! We've tested numerous profiles and found that the Vivid Picture Profile works best whether you're watching dark, bright, or colorful shows. It brings out the best colors you could ask for.

How do I set my TV picture profile to Vivid?

  • 1. Turn on your PRISM+ TV
  • 2. Press on the ⚙️ button on your remote
  • 3. Select “Picture”
  • 4. Select “Picture Mode”
  • 5. Select “Vivid”

⭐ Local Dimming

If you are a proud owner of a new Mini-LED TV. We highly recommend setting the Local Dimming settings to High. This allows the TV to display deeper blacks, enhancing your visual experience!

How do I adjust the Local Dimming setting?

  • 1. Turn on your PRISM+ TV
  • 2. Press on the ⚙️ button on your remote
  • 3. Select “Display & Sound”
  • 4. Select “Picture”
  • 5. Select “Advanced Settings”
  • 6. Select “Local Dimming”
  • 7. Select “High”